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Flooring Advantages

There is not a tougher commercial or residential flooring product available other than solid titanium compared to Elite Crete Systems. Listed below are the advantages of our flooring system verse other common floor coverings:

Advantages over tile:

  • Harder and stronger than conventional tile. So strong that you can drive a forklift on our flooring systems.
  • Even if you choose to have grout lines, ours do not stain and discolor like that with tile.
  • Typical installations are installed much faster than tile.

Advantages over wood flooring:

  • Much harder than wood flooring.
  • Much higher level of scratch resistance.
  • Is not damaged by water or food spills.

Advantages over VCT:

  • Other than price, everything about our flooring systems are better and we can even offer cost competitive alternatives to VCT.

Advantages over carpeting:

  • Other than a soft floor to work on, our flooring systems are better in all aspects.

Advantages over all flooring products:

  • Literally unlimited colors, patterns, designs and textures.
  • Depending on your budget and design options, our flooring systems are always cost competitive and most of the time less than other flooring systems.

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