Concrete Stains, Epoxies, Overlays

What is it?

The decorative concrete system is a decorative overlay that goes over your existing concrete. It is a combination of Polymers and Portland Cements. It bonds to your existing concrete and creates a beautiful, non-skid, cooler than concrete, crack-free and extremely durable surface.


Yes, you heard it right. We can hide any cracks, stains, and broken concrete. The decorative overlay is non-skid because it has texture and it is cooler to the touch than regular concrete. The best part is; it comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors and we can also create custom colors to match existing brick or stone. The patterns are limited only by your imagination!

Will it work on any concrete surface?

Absolutely! The key is surface preparation. We can bond our materials to patios, walkways, driveways, pools, retaining walls, and interior concrete floors. The list goes on and on. Basically, if it’s concrete we can coat it.

What choices are there?

There are many colors to choose from or we can mix a custom color. The patterns are unlimited. If you can dream it up, we can do it. The standard ones we do are brick patterns, river rock, cobblestone, and many others. Our unique highlighting system provides virtually unlimited color combinations. Personalized logos and house numbers can also be incorporated into the project design.

Is it Durable?

We offer a wide variety of sealers and clear coats to add to the durability of the concrete. These range from concrete sealers to epoxies, to polyureas.

How does it stand up against Oils, Stains, Salts, and Discoloration?

Because of the protective properties of the sealer coat, it is a non-porous finish. The majority of stains wash off with mild detergent. In addition, because of its unique UV additive, it will not discolor due to exposure to sunlight. Salts and deicers are fine to use but should be washed off when the ice dissolves, just like normal concrete. With any concrete coating, solvents and fertilizers should be washed off as soon as possible because if they are left on the surface, then over time, they can cause the coating to discolor.

How is it maintained?

Although the system is extremely durable, it is not indestructible. If it will crack chip or damage concrete, chances are it will damage the coated surface. The great thing about this is that small areas can be repaired. For instance, if you had ceramic tile, you would have to replace a whole section.

Can cracks be repaired?

It’s not exactly a repair. All cracks are filled using high strength epoxy mortar prior to applying the base coat. Because we didn’t pour the concrete, we can’t always determine what caused the cracks for you. There are so many factors; such as settling, the concrete mix the trowel techniques, the forming, the control joints, and much more. Although we can cut new joints to help relieve the pressure, we cannot extend the warranty to cover cracks because we didn’t cause them. But we can sure fix them if they come up.

What about Pools?

Decorative overlays are an ideal solution for pool and spa areas. They are non-skid, cooler than concrete, and will resist stains and pool chemicals. It also provides a perfect transition from pool to yard, and adds that finishing touch like no other product can! You can even use a stencil to mark the depths of the pool if you want.

How soon can I use it after it is down?

For normal foot traffic, excluding high heels, cleats, or spikes: 24 hours, Vehicle traffic: 5-7 days. This is assuming normal temperature and weather conditions. This is also dependant on the clear coat you choose.

Why should I repair my concrete instead of replacing it?

Concrete replacement generally requires heavy equipment and a crew of people. A large portion of that removed concrete winds up in landfills, which doesn’t help the environment. Once it is replaced you still have a surface, which looks new for awhile, but is still susceptible to stains, spalling, salt damage and cracking just like the old concrete was. When a decorative coating is installed, every precaution is taken to prevent those things from happening. In addition, it can be custom designed to match your home, adding beauty & value.

New concrete is just that – ugly, gray concrete.

What are Concrete Stains?

In one word: FANTASTIC!! Acid staining gives the concrete a finish that resembles marble or granite stone. Dye stains will achieve similar effects. They create the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. Gorgeous interior or exterior applications can be done with acid stains. Concrete staining is gaining popularity rapidly for basement flooring. Dye stains, unfortunately can only be applied indoors.

Can I Acid stain an interior floor that is wood?

Tricky question, but YES! In order to change your flooring completely we would need to put down Hardy-Backer board as a sub-floor. This is the same type of sub-floor they use for tile applications. An overlay of concrete would be applied over the sub-floor and stained. It looks gorgeous!

How durable are the products?

Extremely durable! The overlay products themselves are as strong, or more so, than the surface they are applied to. And with the added strength of the sealer, your concrete is protected from the elements. There are many options to choose from. They range from sealers to clear-coats.

Epoxy coatings are typically chosen for use in areas that require extreme durability and resistance to wear. They can take “more of a beating” than the typical coatings. Epoxy is great for high traffic commercial locations, garage floors, and industrial use buildings. They are quickly gaining popularity in home garages, because it eliminates those messy oil and chemical stains. We could go on and on about how great these flooring systems are, so just ask for more information.

The newest addition to our family of clear-coats is the Polyaspartic polyurea! While epoxy needs a couple of days to cure, these coatings are open to foot traffic in as little as 5 hours and can be driven on by industrial traffic in just 24 hours! Also, they are more durable than epoxy.

Well, that’s always what everyone is concerned about. The great thing is that to have the decorative concrete done in an area, the price varies, depending on the surface preparation and patterns. A general rule of thumb would be that’s it’s cheaper than stone or slate tile, but with unlimited color and pattern choices. PLUS, it can last virtually a lifetime if properly maintained.

How do I know exactly the cost?

Call today for a free no-hassle estimate. We come and measure your concrete area and talk about patterns and colors.


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